Enter the number of medals you have obtained for each game type, Race, Tournament etc if you have not obtained any medals or do not have any of a particular type (i.e. no more bronze medals) then enter 0 (zero) as the value.

Optional: If you wish to also show your Global ranking then enter the rank into the boxes provided. If you do not have the DLC then enter 0 (zero) as the value. The image will be automatically changed to allow space for the Global Rank information.

Once you have completed the form click the 'submit' button to generate the image with the information provided.

NOTE: If you wish to change to the image without the Global Rank information then simply empty the 2 Global Rank boxes.

NOTE: Fixed the issue with not supplying a DLC Global Score and the image using the default one. As of 21:02 GMT on the 12 August 2010 it now works.

  Bronze Silver Gold Platinum   5K+ 0 Fault
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