Post Sat Feb 05, 2011 2:28 am

Backups or the lack of...


Well as some of you may know I've had some "issues" with my PC lately. But they are resolved now and the PC is now working fine, still get the odd BSOD now and then but it's par for the course with XP.

Anyway I decided to borrow a 1Tb drive from work so that I could build another PC, got one from work minus a PSU and HDD's, so proceed to backup all the stuff of a couple of drives and then installed the 1Tb drive and moved the stuff back onto this new drive. Well during this process I seem to have misplaced my 'phpBB_Stuff' directory. I have a backup on a DVD just no idea where the disc is or if I still have it as while recently decorating I chucked a few DVD's out, and it could possibly have been one of those... perhaps I should write on the discs in future.

So to cut a long story short developement of "anything" phpBB related has come to a grinding halt until I either get the files off another PC I have, assuming they are there which I think they are. Or get the 'Help Generator' files from work on Monday. Others like the Syntax Highlighter I have locally on the web server, but other mods I did are, for the moment, lost.
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