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Getting someone to do something for you


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This post is a copy of the post linked to above, the 'here' link. It was originally posted over 4 years ago but is still very relevant.

The Guidelines

The following are some general guidelines to follow before asking someone to do something for you such as;

  • installing a mod
  • installing a style
  • updating phpBB
  • writing a bespoke script
In the first instance you should spend a little time doing some research on anyone who has offered to help you, this is especially important if money is to be exchanged for services redendered. On this forum this is quite easy to do simply click a users username and view their profile and on there is a link to 'Find all posts by UseLess', now this is where the time comes in, spend a little time going through posts made by the user and you can then decide for yourself if the person offering to help you is capable of helping.

As guests can also view posts here it will be more difficult to determine if the person offering help can in fact help. If this is the case then it's your choice at the end of the day if you accept the offer of help from someone who is not a member here.

Extremely Important

In order to install a mod/style or update an existing forum someone will require FTP Access to the server where your forum is located. BEFORE you give someone FTP Access change your password or setup a temporary account the person can use and limit the accounts access to the dir they need access to. Once the changes have been made either reset your password to what it was or if you created an account for someone to use disable or delete it. If you think you may have a need for the account, if you created one, then the best option here may be to disable it or change the password and if it's needed again just reset the password and give it to the person who needs the access.

Also think about the 'config.php' file for phpBB as this file contains the username and password for access to the database. It may be prudent to change this password temporarily while the update/changes are being carried out.

Very Important

If you do get someone to help you with your problem and things have not turned out the way you expected then;

  • do NOT start a flame war on the forum, mainly applies to members of the forum
  • do NOT make posts belittling an individual, applies to people who are not members of this forum
the best way to get an issue resolved is in private via PM (if the person is a member of this forum), IM (Instant Message Clients such as AIM, MSN etc) or email, anyone not abiding by the above may be banned. A publc forum is not the place to aire your private business.

Remember the last point as all members will be expected to at least take the time to read this and abide by the simply request for any issues you have with someone to be conducted in private.

Quite often silly mistakes can be made to stop something working when someone is in a hurry to get something finished. The golden rule here is: take a step back and think about the problem. This usually results in the problem being solved or the silly mistake being spotted.
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