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Spotted this: while looking around the BBC News site.

I know at least one person who would not pay.

If it wasn't for the fact my daughter lives with me I wouldn't even have, or legally require, a TV licence. As I've removed the UHF Demodulator before and I'm sure I can do it again... ;)
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Re: TV

Make that 2 people!

I don't use the iPlayer very often, infact I could probably count the times on one hand, but I would think that the BBC won't be able to charge UK residents because everything the BBC do is covered by the TV Licence. I suppose that they could open it up to other countries and charge for that though.

I have seen quite a few news stories recently moaning about the BBC and the main reason can be traced to the profits being down in the other channels because of lack of advertising funds. This seems like an extension of that.

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