Broadband Tax

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Broadband Tax


Heard something on the news this morning, only caught a bit of it as was making a cuppa, but a quick visit to the BBC News site resulted in this:

At this time I won't make any comments, I'd end up being banned ;)
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Re: Broadband Tax

//Gets the ban stick ready just in case ;)

That does seem a bit bad. One thing it doesn't say is if it applies to just BT lines or cable installs (Virgin Media) aswell. Virgin already have a fibre-optic network so I don't think it should apply.

The other way to look at it aswell is the money that Virgin, and Telewest/NTL before them, have invested in laying the fibre-optic network but because BT doesn't want to invest the money to upgrade the goverment will step in and do it for them. Doesn't seem right to me!

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